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mixing it up - fit for our future


Ring or pendant from the beautiful but broken head of a guitar .. Available in the original wood (3 available) and cast into fairmined silver. The silver rings are available in 3 finishes: smooth silver, wood texture silver, wood texture silver highlighted with 24ct gold foil, wood texture silver oxidised to grey/black & highlighted with 24cty gold foil.  Part of Mix-Fits Unbroken collection
Guitar ring or pendant
Re-loved amber in a ring .. unloved pieces of amber from an old necklace .. each ring is unique & shaped around the stones made in Fairmined Silver.  The inside of the ring & under the amber stones can be  oxidised giving the silver a grey/black colour to excentuate the amber & shape of the ring.  24ct Gold leaf can be added to the outside of the ring to excentuate the shape of the ring.  Made to order, each one unique.  This ring will take up to 4 weeks to make.
Amber rings